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Pure... Natural... Provence.
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Guest Book
George Masters 7 May 2022
    I started using your olive oil soaps several years ago to help control psoriasis. Now I have tried your unperfumed 300g block for hair and shower, and the psoriasis has almost gone. Many thanks!
Kristina Hitchings 29 Jan 2021
    Using your soaps for years now. Absolutely love them!
Hilary Mansfield 4 Nov 2020
    Found you in Burford Market several years ago. The liquid and bar soaps are the only soaps I buy now! Would love to see some more products arrive!
Colin Wise 21 Jul 2020
    Wonderful soaps, we often have a chat with Tony when shopping in Winchester.
Hope you are well Tony hope to see you again back in Winchester once this virus is gone. Take care Colin and Jennie
Donald Bonney 25 May 2020
    Market Winchester
Cathy Stringer 7 May 2020
    First bought your soaps off Winchester market quite a while ago and have used them ever since. Introduced my sister and she uses them too. Can't wait until the markets reappear but have just ordered a stock.