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Keith Paterson-Bryant 20 Aug 2023
    I spoke to a gentleman on a stall in Ruislip market and asked for a good shaving soap. He recommended pur savon de marseille olive oil soap. I had about 4 days growth so a good test for a new soap. It lathered well with a moist creamy lather. I always shave my head as well as my face, and I have never found a cream or soap that doesn't dry up on my head before I have finished shaving my face. This soap stayed wet and lathery on my head, so for the first time I did not need to re-lather my head before shaving it. After all these years I have found the perfect shaving soap. I highly recommend this soap for anyone who wet shaves. 5 Stars
Lieba Bettencourt 23 Aug 2022
    I bought 4 different soaps- Seaweed, Clay, Frangipani and Jasmine.
I absolutely love these.
For my the exfoliating parts in the seaweed are amazing and for luxury I love the Jasmine
My 5 year old son will only let us use the Frangipani on him.
Not only are they made from natural products but they are also zero waste which is an added bonus.

Thank you very much.
George Masters 7 May 2022
    I started using your olive oil soaps several years ago to help control psoriasis. Now I have tried your unperfumed 300g block for hair and shower, and the psoriasis has almost gone. Many thanks!
Kristina Hitchings 29 Jan 2021
    Using your soaps for years now. Absolutely love them!
Hilary Mansfield 4 Nov 2020
    Found you in Burford Market several years ago. The liquid and bar soaps are the only soaps I buy now! Would love to see some more products arrive!
Colin Wise 21 Jul 2020
    Wonderful soaps, we often have a chat with Tony when shopping in Winchester.
Hope you are well Tony hope to see you again back in Winchester once this virus is gone. Take care Colin and Jennie